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Lower / Newell / Second
Northfield Falls VT - Washington County

Elevation view of Lower Bridge

Lower Bridge Portal

Bridge Statistics
Region:  North Central
County:  Washington
Town:  Northfield
Locality:  Northfield Falls
Position - Lat: 
N 44 10.371
W 72 39.177
Owner:  Town of Northfield
Bridge Carries:  Cox Brook Road
Bridge Crosses:  Cox Brook
Bridge Traffic:  Vehicular
Truss Type:  Queenpost
Year Built:  1872
Builder:  Unknown
Structure Characteristics:  Span:  54'-0"each
Width: 15'-8"
Lanes:  1
Posted Load: None
Posted Vertical Clearance: 9'-2"
World Guide No.: 45-12-10
National Register of Historic Places Date:

The Lower Covered Bridge is a 55 foot long queenpost truss. It carries Cox Brook Road over Cox Brook. This bridge was built in around 1872. This is the only location where one historic covered bridge in Vermont can been seen from another, the Station Bridge is just down the road from the Lower Bridge. This bridge is also known as the Newell and Second bridge.

Heavy traffic makes portal photos difficult. Populated area, it is difficult to get down to the river to take side views.

Good parking area nearthe bridge on south side of Cox Brook Road.


Queenpost Truss

Location Map

The bridge is located off VT 12 on Cox Brook Road. The turnoff is to the west, at the main intersection in Northfield Falls, then 0.2 miles down Cox Brook Road. Cross Station Bridge and the bridge is visible.

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