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Weathersfield VT - Windsor County
Photo of Downers Bridge Elevation View
Photo of Salmond Bridge

Photo of Salmond Bridge Portal

Bridge Statistics
Region:  Southern
County:  Windsor
Town:  Weathersfield
Locality:  Weathersfield
Position - Lat: 
N 43 25.644
W 72 29.254
Owner:  Town
Bridge Carries:  Henry Gould Rd
Bridge Crosses:  Sherman Brook
Bridge Traffic:  Vehicular
Truss Type:  Muliiple Kingpost
Year Built:  1875
Builder:  James F. Tasker
Structure Characteristics:  Span:  53'-0"
Width: 14'-7"
Lanes:  1
Posted Load: 6 Tons
Posted Vertical Clearance: 8'-4"
World Guide No.: 45-14-05
National Register of Historic Places Date:

The Salmond Covered Bridge is a 53 foot long Miltiple Kingpost Truss . It carries a Henry Gould Road over the Black River in Weathersfield. This bridge was built in about 1875, and moved to the current location in 1986.

Portal photos are easy, traffic volume is low. There is a field with a picnic table and plaque which makes an excellent place to photograph the side of the bridge.

Parking for the picnic area also serves a parking for bridgers.


Multiple Kingpost Truss


Location Map

2.4 miles east of the junction of VT106 on VT131, then 0.1 miles left on old section of Rte 131 on Henry Gould Rd. The bridge is located south of Weathersfield in Windsor County.

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