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Washington and Rensselaer Counties

Historic Authentic but not Historic Other Types

Eagleville Bridge  Eagleville, NY - 32-58-01

This historical bridge built in 1858, is a Town Lattice Truss. It crosses the Battenkill in Eagleville, NY just a few miles from the Vermont border. It has a single span bridge, 101 feet long. This bridge narrowly escaped destruction in 1977 when an abutment was undermined in high water and dumped one end into the kill. It was quickly hoisted back in place on a temporary foundation.

Eagleville Site

Shushan Bridge  Shushan, NY - 32-58-02

Shushan Bridge Photo This two span Town Lattice truss has a total length of 161 feet. This bridge now functions as a museum open on the weekends in the summer months. It is an historic bridge built in 1858.

  Rexleigh Bridge  Rexleigh NY - 32-58-03

This 107 foot long Town Lattice truss was built in 1874, by Reuben Comins and George Wadsworth. The bridge crosses the Battenkill. The east abutment of this structure is made up of 12 large cut blocks of marble. Rexleigh is Old English for Kings Meadows.

Rexleigh Site

Buskirk Bridge  Shushan, NY - 32-58-04

This bridge is a Howe truss built in 1857. It is a single span of 164 feet. The bridge carries County Road 103 over the Hoosic River between Washington and Rensselaer Counties. The Buskirk Bridge is an historic structure.

Other  Asgrow Gardens Bridge  Cambridge, NY

This bridge is in a park in the village of Cambridge. It is a timber stringer bridge of about 10 to 15 feet in length.

Other  Slate Bridge  Granville, NY

Slate Covered Bridge is a 120 feet long prefabricated steel superstructure in the Village of Granville, NY. This bridge was erected on May 19, 2000 across the Mettowee River. With the bridge being located in the Slate Valley the roof is made of slate.

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