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Sacandaga Region

Saratoga and Fulton Counties

Historic Authentic Not Historic Other Types

Saratoga County

Copeland Bridge   Edinburg NY - NY-46-01

Copeland Bridge This bridge is a small 35 foot span Queenpost truss, built by Aaron Copland in 1879. He was a farmer who built the bridge to get his cows to his fields across the stream. At the present time the Copland bridge is in need of some repair, especially to the siding. The truss and roof are in ok shape. The bottom cord of one truss has been strengthened with an 8x8 rough cut beam, the other with a 10" log.

Fulton County

Eagle Mills Bridge  Broadalbin NY - NY-18-01

Located at the Eagle Mills Cider Company in Fulton County, this bridge is a genuine 41 ft. town lattice truss. Built in 1967, it is not a historic bridge. It is a well cared for structure near the cider mill. A water wheel near the bridge generates electric power for the cider mill and all it's buildings. The bakery has delicious doughnuts, be sure to try some. The bridge is on private property with no access to the bridge from mid November to about May when the cider company is closed for the season.

Other Type  
Avadio Bridge  Caroga Lake NY - NY-18-b

Located at the town of Caroga Lake in Fulton County, this is a 20 ft. long stringer bridge. It was built in 1980 and is located adjacent to state route 20A. Visible from the highway.

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