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Delaware - Greene - Sullivan - Ulster Counties

Historic Authentic but not Historic Other Types

Downsville Bridge  Downsville NY - 32-13-01

This historical covered bridge in Downsville NY, Delaware County crosses the East branch of the Delaware River. It is a Long Truss and Queen with a span of 174 feet. This bridge was built in 1854. It was completely rehabilitated in 1998, the bottom chord of the truss were replaced by laminated beams.

  Fitches Bridge  Delhi NY - 32-13-02

This historical covered bridge in East Delhi NY, Delaware County. The bridge carries Fitches Bridge Road over tbe West branch of the Delaware River. It is a 100' long Town Lattice Truss. This bridge was built in 1870.

Photo taken before 2002 rehabilitation.

  Hamden Bridge  Delhi NY - 32-13-03

Photo of Hamden Bridge Portal before rehabilitation This historical covered bridge is 6 miles SW of Delhi NY, Delaware County. The bridge carries Basin Clove Road over tbe West Branch of the Delaware River. It a Long Truss with a span of 125 feet. This bridge was built in 1859.

Photo taken before 2001 rehabilitation.

  Tuscarora Club Bridge  Margaretville NY - 32-13-05

This bridge is located on the property of the Tuscarora Club south of Margaretville just off Mill Road.This bridge was originally built as a king truss. After being moved to this location it is now a stringer bridge. Still considered a historical bridge, it was built in 1870. The bridge carries a foot trail over Mill Brook. The bridge spans a 38 feet long.

  Campbell Bridge  Roscoe NY - 32-13-07

This historical bridge built in 1877 is a Town Lattice Truss. It is private land along Menthol Road across Trout Brook leading to the owners home on the oposite side of the creek. The bridge was moved to this location in 1954. Its span is 32 feet.

Authentic  Erpf Bridge  Arkville NY - 32-13-08

Photo of Erph Bridge This non historical bridge, built in 1964 it is a Town Lattice Truss. It is private land off Erpf Road across a small brook. This bridge has a span of 32 feet.

Sullivan County

Historic Authentic but not Historic Other Types

Halls Mills Bridge  Curry, NY - 32-53-01

Built in 1912 this historic town lattice truss crosses the Neversink River. A parking lot provides two or three spaces off the road. This bridge has a short timber approach span. The main span is 119 feet. Our visit was on 4/11/98. There is a gauging station just downstream of the bridge.

  Beaverkill Bridge  Lewbeach, NY - 32-53-02

Nice looking bridge in Beaverkill State Park. The bridge is one span 98 feet long town lattice truss. Built in 1865, southwest of Lewbeach. Happen on this bridge while looking for a bridge in Ulster Co. This is a historic bridge. Too many campers and swimmers in the creek. Visited in Sept. 1996. This bridge was closed to traffic in 1997 due to structural problems.

  Van Tran Flat Bridge  Livingston Manor NY - 32-53-03

This bridge is in a small park just northeast of Livingston Manor.It is a single span town lattice truss with a laminated arch. It crosses the Willowemac Creek. The span length is 117 feet. This bridge was built in 1860 on Covered Bridge Road off Sullivan County Route 179. Route 17 can be seen from the bridge and the park.

  Bendo Bridge  Willowemsoc, NY - 32-53-04

The Bendo bridge is on Conklin Road and crossed the Willowemoc Creek. This is a 48 foot town lattice truss, built in 1860. The bridge is next to the covered bridge campground which was not open during our visit in April, 1998. The bridge was cut in half and moved to this location in 1913. This bridge was originally located in Livingston Manor.

Other  Chestnut Creek Bridge  Grahamsville, NY - 32-53-B

The Chestnut Creek covered bridge is a steel stringer structure with the look of a town lattice truss. It crosses Chestnut Creek in Grahamsville, a short distance from the Halls Mills Bridge.

Ulster County

Historic Authentic - not Historic Other Types

Perrine Bridge  Rifton NY - 32-56-01

The Perrine Bridge is South West of Rifton, off NY 213, right next to I-87 (NYS Thruway). The bridge crosses the Wallkill River and is closed to vehicular traffic. This bridge is a Burr Arch, 154-foot long, single-span, built in 1844 and restored in 1993.

  Forge Bridge  Arkville NY - 32-56-02

The Forge Bridge is South East of Arkville off Dry Brook Road, crossing Dry Brook. This bridge is a King Truss, 27-foot long, single-span, built in 1906. The Forge Bridge is on private property, please ask for permission to visit.

  Tappan Bridge  Arkville NY - 32-56-03

The Tappan Bridge is South East of Arkville off Dry Brook Road, crossing Dry Brook. This bridge is a King Truss, 43-foot long, single-span, built in 1906, rebuilt in 1985 without functional truss.

  New Paltz Campus Bridge  Olivebridge NY - 32-56-05

Also known as the Olive or Turnwood Bridge, East of Olivebridge on the New York Sate University Campus, this bridge was built in 1889 but moved to it's current location in 1930. The bridge crosses the Old Channel of the Esopus Creek, is a Town Lattice, 62-foot long, single-span structure.

  Grants Mills Bridge  Arena NY - 32-56-06

The Grants Mill Bridge is on Mill Brook Road just across the Delaware-Ulster county line in Ulster County. This bridge is a town truss built in 1902 and completely rehabilitated in 1992. It has one span of 66 feet. An historic covered bridge, the Grants Mill bridge is closed to vehicular traffic. It is located 2.2 miles south of the trail leading to the Tuscarora Club bridge located in Delaware county.

Other  Myers Bridge

This bridge is actually a steel stringer bridge with a concrete deck. It is in Ulster County just one mile from the Tappan Bridge. This is a strange looking covered bridge, it's height is out of proportion to historical covered bridges because higher clearance required. A large skew angle is also unusual. Windows would have made the bridge look better from up or down stream.

Other  Pine Hill Bridge

The Pine Hill Covered Bridge serves as the entrance to the Belleayre Mountain Day Use Area at the base of Belleayre Mountain. It is east of Pine Hills in the Town of Shandaken. The bridge carries Lake Street over Birch Creek. This bridge is a Inverset™ bridge structure, which consists of a complete Precast Concrete & Steel Composite Bridge System. The span is a 72 foot long single-span, built in 1992. The covered part of the bridge consists of laminated timber beams, timber planks and a shingle roof.

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